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                    "Love and Life"

Love is a wide variety of beliefs. When I was young, all I wanted was to fall in love,
get married, have children, and live the all American dream. "You know, the white
picket fence and nice home, neighborhood, etc.."

YOU really believe in your head this is what will happen for you. Boy, does LIFE
throw you some curves. I believe if you have children, they should not be brought
up thinking this is how life really is, with all picket fences and such. Life is hard. You
get what you work for. It is just not handed to you on a silver platter. Even people
with all the money in the world can build a picket fence, but, it doesn't mean they
can buy True Love.

True love comes from the heart and you can only hope that life sends you that one
special someone, that is meant just for you.

Even when you find that special someone, don't think LIFE is a barrel of fun. It has
alot of up and downs, good and bad, sickness and health. You are with this person
for life, hopefully. They can tend to get on your nerves every once and awhile.
Prepare yourself. "Really!!"

Think before you leap. "That is my two cents on the matter!" Thank you for
listening and reading my article.

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