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Ultra Hair Away™ hair inhibitor frees both men and women from the painful and
costly processes of waxing, sugaring, plucking, electrolysis, or laser treatment.
Ultra Hair Away™ progressively and naturally stops unwanted hair growth, using
safe enzyme technology!

Ultra Hair Away is super easy to use. As a topical solution, Ultra Hair Away™ is
pump-sprayed directly onto areas containing unwanted body hair. It works equally
well for both men and women in any area of the body including:

Bikini Line                                       Chest                      
Legs                                                 Back
Under Arms                                    Shoulder
Upper Lip                                        Abdomen
Face                                                 Arms
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Endorsed by:Jay Cutler!
This is a really revolutionary product that
actually changes the texture and appearance
of body hair, reducing the amount of hair
growth and transforming hair to nearly
invisible and superfine. The skin stays
healthy and smooth because you're far less
likely to experience razor bumps or irritation
when the hair is so much less coarse and
noticeable to begin with.
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"Brazilian Bikini Wax Kit" with instructional DVD!
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Only $49.95 for one bottle/1 month supply
Only $79.90 for 2 bottles/2 months supply (You
save $20)
$139.80 for 4 bottles/4 months supply (You
save $60.00)
$35.00 for each bottle over 4 bottles

you will experience real results
within the first month with
Ultra Hair Away™.
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